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Popular Ways to Improve Erection

Historically, male sexual activity was considered not only a guarantee of procreation, but also a factor affecting the well-being of the whole family. The ancestors believed that if the head of the family had problems with potency, this would adversely affect his ability to maintain economic conditions, and even on so unpredictable events as the productivity of land holdings or the fecundity of livestock.

Such judgments are quite logical: a man, when having problems with erection, is under stress. Anxious thoughts interfere with him in everyday affairs and in solving professional problems. But you need to remember: a frank conversation with a doctor and a competent treatment plan will help you regain a full sex life and self-confidence.

Why The Problem of Increasing Potency Is So Irgent

“Potency” is a narrow-minded concept meaning of a man’s ability to conduct sex. Bad potency, or impotence, implies that this ability is impaired. But what does this disorder include? Doctors prefer the term “erectile dysfunction” – it implies that the patient has problems with arousal or with healthy functioning of the penis. We can talk about the lack of tone of this body, which makes it impossible to have sexual intercourse, or problems with ejaculation (the release of sperm), which occurs too early or is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Impotence is a complete long-term absence of erection, that is, an extreme negative degree of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction rarely presents itself as an independent disease – in the overwhelming majority of cases, this is an echo of a serious pathological process affecting many organs and systems. In addition, a decrease in potency can be psychogenic in nature – to be a consequence of emotional trauma or a severe stressful situation.

It Is Important to Know

Half of men over 40 sooner or later face erectile dysfunction. However, according to medical statistics, impotence is “getting younger” every year: middle-aged people and even young men also come to see a doctor. Experts explain the current situation by a change in the lifestyle of citizens (reduced physical exertion, unbalanced nutrition), ecological situation and even the growing role of social networks in communicating with women – the lack of physical interaction in the first stages of dating negatively affects the hormonal background of a man.

Unsuccessful episodes in intimacy occur at least once in every man’s life, but with true erectile dysfunction, the problem recurs from time to time (more than 4 times in a row) and you shouldn’t hope for a happy self-healing. Moreover, the delay has a negative effect on the prospects for treatment, because the pathology underlying the decrease in potency will only progress over time.

ways to increase potency

How To Increase The Potency?

Such a question at least occasionally, but interests every member of the stronger sex, regardless of whether he has problems in the sexual sphere: it is difficult to argue with the fact that the quality of sex is largely determined by the degree and duration of the partner’s erection. Of course, there are ways to increase the potency at home, however, no matter how attractive some exotic technique may seem, you should consult with your doctor and apply first of all the methods recommended by a specialist. All methods of increasing potency have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

Folk Methods

The most accessible, but at the same time the least effective way to restore or increase potency is traditional medicine recipes. Some of them are justified from a medical point of view, but don’t forget about the individual characteristics of each organism and the variety of causes that could lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus, the use of tinctures or elixirs prepared by traditional healers may have unpredictable consequences for your well-being. The most popular are such tips as regular showers, bathing procedures, applying ice to different parts of the body (for training blood vessels), as well as drinking ginseng, rhodiola rosea, clover, Chinese lemongrass, St. John’s wort, nettle, yarrow and others plants. Of course, recourse to these tips is possible only with the permission (and under supervision) of the doctor, since with an illiterate or overly active approach, these useful tools can harm the health of the man.

Products to Increase Potency

The inclusion in the diet of certain foods can have a beneficial effect on sexual power – this fact is recognized by many urologists- andrologists. With the help of a special diet, you can increase the level of testosterone – the main male sex hormone. So, walnuts, fermented milk products (airan, koumiss and others), ginger, hot pepper, cinnamon, cloves and other spices have a similar effect. Honey, celery, cilantro, spinach, asparagus, pumpkin, garlic, onions, figs and pomegranate have a beneficial effect on an erection. The role of a balanced diet in the work of the “organ of love” is indisputable: without a sufficient amount of protein in food, even a healthy man can face sexual impotence. This fact is important to consider vegetarians and athletes, the latter need a lot of protein to build muscle. Sources of protein to increase potency are seafood (especially oysters), beef, cheese, cottage cheese and lean fish – flounder and mackerel. You should also include in the diet polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in fish oil, flaxseed and olive oil.

Physical Exercise

The image of a handsome and toned-up man is no coincidence that attracts women’s views – a good sports form implies order in the work of the reproductive system. And indeed: obese men who neglect exercise are more likely to experience impotence than those who regularly go to the gym or reel kilometers on a treadmill. The fact is that body fat increases the production of female sex hormones that suppress the work of testosterone. Therefore, many fans of the “sofa-beer” lifestyle not only develop problems with erection over time, but also stop the growth of facial hair, and also appear signs of gynecomastia (breast glands increase in size).


In 15–20% of cases, a persistent decrease in potency is explained by violations “in the head”. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be the result of chronic lack of sleep, stress experienced, elevated mental stress, or an unpleasant emotional situation associated with sex. The male psyche is quite sensitive, and after negative comments from the partner, the man, fearing failure, subconsciously shies away from sexual intimacy, which in practice manifests itself as impotence. To establish the true nature of erectile dysfunction can only be a doctor – with the help of special tests. However, if you are celebrating morning or night erections outside of sexual contacts, then you should think about a visit to a therapist who specializes in correcting problems with potency.


Physical effects on the muscles and organs of the reproductive system improves blood circulation in this area (which is extremely important for impotence of vascular origin), and also increases the sensitivity of the sexual organ, relieves spasms and has a beneficial effect on the psychological mood. To conduct a massage with erectile dysfunction can both the medical worker and the patient himself, as well as his partner (after consulting with a doctor). Often, this method is prescribed as an adjunct for various problems with potency, with infertility and diseases of the prostate gland.

Exercise Therapy

Another important method of increasing potency is therapeutic exercise, including a set of special exercises aimed at training the muscles of the perineum. Their regular intensive contraction will help to improve the blood supply in the pelvis, and also facilitates the onset of erection in the excitation process (after all, as you know, the sexual organ increases and becomes hard due to the filling with blood). Exercise therapy in the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction should be daily until a lasting improvement in sexual function.


The use of drugs is the most popular, but far from always safe and effective way to improve potency. Most of them don’t have a cumulative effect and are designed for emergency patient care. In addition, in order to select an effective drug, it is important to know the cause of the disorder: for example, if hormonal problems lie at the heart of erectile dysfunction, then treatment should be aimed at normalizing their blood concentration. And if impotence has arisen due to atherosclerosis of vessels, then it is necessary to seek their expansion at least for the time of sexual intercourse. A number of means – including dietary supplements – must be taken for many months, they don’t affect the potency directly, but they contribute to its return in combination with other therapeutic approaches. Other drugs, such as Sildenafil or Tadalafil, as well as numerous injectable medications and ointments, affect the vascular cause of erectile dysfunction and are aimed at short-term recovery of erection.

Vacuum Exposure

Everyone knows the principle of a medical jar action that increases blood flow to the place of application. Similarly, there are numerous devices designed for a short period of time to return the functions to the penis. Vacuum therapy with a decrease in potency is used as a physiotherapeutic method, prescribed by a course or as a permanent measure of care, to which the patient turns independently before each sexual intercourse. A special device helps to create negative pressure around the penis, which results in an erection. This approach does not solve the problem once and for all, but it helps some patients who are insensitive to drug therapy.

Shock Wave Therapy

Innovative approach in urology, which is based on the ability of acoustic waves to stimulate regenerative processes in living tissues. Sessions of SWT contribute to the formation of new vessels in the penis area, so that even with serious problems with peripheral blood supply (which are often observed in cardiac patients and patients with diabetes mellitus), potency is restored within a few weeks. The method has practically no contraindications and allows even without the use of drugs to achieve a long lasting result in patients of different ages. A decrease in potency is certainly stress for a man. However, there is no reason to perceive it tragically: in the opinion of doctors, irreparable cases of this kind are almost never encountered. Don’t postpone the visit to the doctor if you have noticed signs of erectile dysfunction. After all, the sooner the treatment begins, the sooner you will regain the joy of a vibrant sex life.

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