sex pills for men or all that increases the potency

“Sex Pills for Men”, or All Things That Improves Erection

In the late 90s, the Americans synthesized the drug, which was later called “Viagra.” Since the release of sex pills for men, the world has turned over: a new era has begun in the treatment of male dysfunction. The tablet was called Viagra, combining two words – Vigor (energy, strength) and Niagara (the most powerful waterfall in North America). And men got carte blanche!

In the late 90s, the Americans synthesized the drug, which was later called “Viagra.” Many will be surprised to learn that the medicine was invented by chance. In 1992 – 96, the famous company Pfizer conducted pharmacological research and clinical trials for cardiovascular diseases. The chemical name of this drug is sildenafil. At the end of the experiment, the men refused to return the medicine, noting that the drug directly affects the quality of erection. Thus, the “miracle sex pills for men” became the third “accidental” of the greatest discoveries in medicine – after X-rays and penicillin. Subsequently, for the discovery of the mechanism of nitric oxide influence on the state of erectile tissue, developers Robert Fairchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro received the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Such is the legend of Pfizer, which may have deliberately conducted tests in a promising vein of the pharmaceutical industry. Since the release of the tablet in the world – the world turned upside down! A new era has begun in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. The tablet was called Viagra, combining two words – Vigor (energy, strength) and Niagara (the most powerful waterfall in North America). And men got carte blanche!

“The medicine immediately showed the effect and a huge improvement for those who needed it! Billions of prescriptions have been written for him in the world, ”says Lev Rapoport, a Petersburg sexologist, PhD. – We immediately refused to inject drugs into the penis, in the case when you could do without them… For 10 years, according to international rules, Pfizer was the absolute owner of the patent, but when it declassified him – in all corners of the world Immediately appeared analogues: European, Chinese and even Belarusian ”

Today in the world there are more than a dozen “Viagra” generic under various names. In Russia, four different drugs with the active substance inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Ziden have now been registered.

Erection in Its Pure Form, or What is What

The inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 of the type “promotes the growth of the smooth muscle tissue of the penis, relaxes the smooth muscle cells of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies, and then fills them with blood, which causes an erection.” The erection of the penis provides a man the opportunity to have sexual intercourse, because it is so valuable.

“Potency is in the narrow sense an erection,” says a sexologist, MD, associate professor at the Department of Sexology, MAPS, Mikhail Ekimov. – In a broader sense, we define potency as a man’s ability to erection, sexual intercourse, ending with ejaculation and leading to subsequent impregnation. But this is a broader understanding of the term. ”

“An erection has always been extremely valuable, and not only now, when a sexual boom has swept over us, and everywhere before the taboo theme is shown off,” says Dr. Rapoport. – An erection, as in ancient times, today is the main sign of male masculinity. He must be healthy, and, therefore, above all – has potency. After all, it was sometimes argued in the provinces after the war: if a man returned disabled, even without arms, without legs, but with a penis, he was not disabled, there was a penis- and the man enjoyed success with women. And if not – unfortunately, nobody needed it! Although these people, of course, were motivated for other goals and values, and they were useful. But such a trend existed… ”

And What’s Behind It

There are different statistics: clinical evidence suggests that in eighty percent of cases, erectile dysfunction is associated with vascular problems. Outpatient, that eighty percent of failures on the sexual front are the result of not only vascular, but also psychogenic disorders. Petersburg sexologists agree with the latter.

“It is clear where the roots grow from when they talk about the hospital and clinic. In the hospital, men from 48 to 73 years old are treated for various ailments. Here, in general, cardiovascular and oncological and other complex problems can be observed in humans. Of course, among such a contingent vascular disorders are really in the first place. But the treatment of potency as such for these men is secondary, usually they are denied the words: “What are you talking about, I would have to cope with the main ailments. I’m after a heart attack, cancer, and you, the doctor, about sex”

Numerous studies of foreign experts have shown that prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) is also not directly related to erectile dysfunction. Dr. Mikhail Ekimov explains that often in our country medicine, speaking of inflammation of the prostate, automatically implies erectile problems. “It’s time to understand, and it’s obvious that prostatitis cannot be synonymous with erectile dysfunction. It does not lead to premature ejaculation. It also doesn’t lead to sexual abuse. The prostate is a glandular muscular organ, which by its physical activity participates in the end of sexual intercourse, helping to ejaculate. And, of course, if it is inflamed, then the process is accompanied by pain. But not an erection, not the desire of prostatitis has no effect. Inhibition occurs, rather, of erectile-psychological nature. ”

Therefore, medical scientists identify psychogenic factors in the first place in the classification of violations of potency. On the second – various vascular changes. In third place – endogenous, which is usually the result of age-related decline in hormones, or injuries that have occurred, or diabetes.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction disorders is always individual. Dr. Rapoport says he doesn’t understand when he is asked a question like: “I’m 18, there were 2 girls, or, say, 22. Now everything is bad. What should I do? ”I always answer the same thing: come to the reception – we will talk, puzzle out. Universal recipes and techniques don’t happen in medicine and in sexology. Everything is always individual. There is a huge amount of tools: from the most simple to surgical.And in fact, experts have developed an algorithm in the long run. Therefore, in many cases of pathology in response, the doctor may hear something like the following: “Erectile dysfunction is curable, any!” However, Lev Yakovlevich Rapoport immediately corrects: “I think this is loudly said, but formally it is really curable! Given the fact that in extreme cases – you can put a prosthesis, and there will be an erection. Is it a cure or not? – Everyone will take it in their own way. I pressed the button-penis got up, clicked and fell. Will say bad? But with what to compare. For example, when there is no possibility to live a full life.

And if we take into account the possibilities of medicine in the field of prosthetics. Not so long ago, 60-70 years ago, according to indications, of course, they inserted a rib into the penis of a man. There was such a military surgeon in the 40s of the last century, Nikolai Bogoraz, a pioneer in the field of implant surgery of the penis, he “repaired” those who camefrom the war a disabled person: he formed a genital organ from the muscles and inserted a rib of the carrier. Such is the plastic practiced at the time. Then they began to make implants made of plastic, and now multi-component ones have appeared, when with one wave of the hand…”

sex pills for men

Sex Pills for Men: “Viagra” in All Manifestations

And yet, with the identified dysfunction, in the first place, doctors prescribe Generic Viagra 50mg or 100mg.

“First of all, we prescribe vascular preparations,” says sexologist Mikhail Vasilyevich Ekimov. – But also depending on the patient’s history. Today it is Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil. There is no physiological addiction to them, but psychological can be. That is because there is a difference: on foot or by car, by elevator or legs to the ninth floor! The medicine is easier and simpler and stronger. But we must bear in mind that the drugs contribute to the expansion of the blood vessels of the genital organ, but the man himself must be excited, that is, not himself… If he doesn’t think about sex at all, if there is no erotic stimulation, then the effect will be zero: he accepted or that he didn’t accept.

Of the side effects may be symptoms characteristic of the reception of vascular agents. For example, discomfort, the vessels of the face often widen, the face seems to be on fire. Such symptoms as headaches are frequent. But, by no means, this isn’t due to high, but, on the contrary, due to reduced pressure. All these effects are of course undesirable. Therefore, a man honestly needs to answer the question: is there a problem or is it not. And if not, it is better to do without such drugs.

There are men to whom drugs are prescribed for life. “After the appearance of Viagra in America, the elderly people were prescribed medicine as a“ lifestyle ”drug, that is, for life, – Dr. Ekimov cites an example. – But, rather, it was a commercial story. It seems that now they have refused such an approach, because any medicine has undesirable effects.”

They Will Replace Even Fantasy

A separate group of drugs – alprostadily. And the most common of them is “Caverject”. With the advent of “Viagra” it began to be used much less frequently. By injection, the drug is injected into the penis, which is a direct effect on the organ vessels. “Even psychological signals to the organ aren’t required here, since after the injection it comes to the desired state due to the action of prostaglandins, substances that are normally produced by the body. After their introduction, the man is ready for sexual intercourse. However, there are cases when it is difficult to end or reach orgasm in this state, ”explains Mikhail Ekimov. “Kaverdzhekt”, according to the doctors, is less dangerous than papaverine, which was used earlier: overdose was observed on its use in 5–7 percent and so-called priapism (unrepentant erection).

From The Realm of Myths

“The secret of the emperor” and “The power of the dragon”, “The Crown” and “Good fellow” – drugs that exist in a literal sense from time immemorial. And, as the doctors say, this is a fairly large group of myth-drugs, which in fact consist of something unknown. They are positioned as Vietnamese, Thai, Indian aphrodisiacs, with herbal ingredients of local origin. As a rule, in the annotations to them there are no references to scientific research. But even if they are referred to as such, it is doubtful to believe in the miraculous powers of the “dragons”. “We cannot be responsible for them. Now there are many different drugs, and research can be customized. Patients speak of them contradictory. It helps to someone, someone not. Of course, many of them have a fortifying (adaptogenic) property. But if you drink a tablespoon of pantokrin – then you will feel the effect for sure. But this isn’t the medical side of the issue and it isn’t possible to comment on it, ”says Lev Rapoport.

As for the various “spanning flies”, known since the time of the King of the Sun, Louis 14, today it is rather an exotic story and in medicine the correction of erectile dysfunction is not applied at all. Doctors don’t deny that the drug improves the blood supply to the pelvic organs. However, the “flies” have another side – they are, as it turned out, toxic and affect the kidneys.

Other Things Being Equal – It Will Not Be Worse

Impazu is positioned as a homeopathic Viagra. Petersburg physicians, discussing the promise of a Moscow pharmacist, say that the latter has many positive qualities. First, it is inexpensive. If one tablet of “Viagra” costs 10 dollars, then the package of “Impazy” is 300 rubles. Why not try, given the safety of the latter? True, the effect of taking Impazy may not be as fast and expressed as that of chemical preparations.

Antidepressants and Tranquilizers

Using a clinical and sexological method at the reception, the doctor identifies the causes of erectile disorders. Petersburg doctors say that they often diagnose cases of imaginary dysfunction. For example, when, after watching porn films or having become enlightened in other available sources, men imagine that they have something wrong there, the wrong size and the wrong skills. “We assign tranquilizers to such patients who have doubts, fear or anxiety associated with sex. Against this background, the symptoms often disappear, and everything is getting better, ”explains Dr. Ekimov.

In cases of depression, antidepressants are prescribe by doctors. Some of them, however, are capable of temporarily reducing sexual function, but when they are canceled, neither depression nor sexual disorders are detected.

Anti-asthenic drugs are prescribed for chronic fatigue syndrome. Against the background of their reception, the erection is noticeably improving. In combination with adaptogens, vitamins, fortifying agents, they produce a positive effect.

Only according to indications and on the basis of tests for hormones do doctors prescribe endocrine drugs that restore the hormones in the right direction.

Love Hasn’t Been Canceled

And yet, the sensual side of the issue in the aspect of the correction of erectile dysfunction, is, according to St. Petersburg experts, decisive.“In fact, love hasn’t been canceled. Although it cannot be measured, in contrast to the length of the penis and the number of partners. Unfortunately, society is fanatically centered on getting pleasure, achieving results without feelings… As a doctor, I can not pass by and say that everything is normal, everything is good. Sex without feelings towards a partner — will not go long. And it is in the context of erectile dysfunctions that this is obvious to me. ”

Mikhail Yekimov noted the other side of the question: “I have been working as a sexologist for 33 years. The problems with men are the same, drugs that can cope with dysfunction are enough today. But there was a bad trend: before men wanted, but couldn’t, but now they can but sometimes they don’t want it. But the Internet with porn, nude beauties at every turn, masturbation has become the norm, but there is no sex with a woman. There are more and more of them, and this is a disturbing factor for medicine. Here and Viagra is not Viagra! Another tablet is probably needed.”

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