all erection pills are the same

Are All Erection Pills The Same?

Urologists don’t recommend older men often change sexual partners.

Last year, erectile pill makers made $ 1 billion in net profit last year. Expensive erection pills have become a saving circle for millions of men who are hooked on them with such force that without a chemical safety net they don’t even think about their communication with a woman. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of these funds is highly questionable. How to get rid of viagrosis addiction, we were told by the urologist surgeon Hovhannes Dilanyan.

– Problems with erection – is it a disease or a natural aging process?

– A man, no matter how old he may be, can always be able to master a woman. However, with age, the level of testosterone in the body decreases, so the intensity of sexual activity won’t be the same as in 20 years.

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– Why then arises, I’m sorry, complete weakness in penis?

– This is a complex physiological process. It depends on the brain and spinal cord, the conducting nerves, the work of the cardiovascular system, the liver, and the general state of health. With age, the diseases accumulate, and this naturally affects erections. By the way, impotence can be a harbinger of very terrible diseases.

– Like what?

– Hepatitis, diabetes, neoplastic diseases, chronic stress. I had a case in practice: a man of 36 years old complained of erectile dysfunction. And everything seems to be good for him: his beloved wife, career, earns decently, rests several times a year, there are no other health problems. True, he weighed a bit too much: for 100 kg. I sent him to take a test for sugar – it turned out that he had diabetes. Helped him lose weight, and the erection was restored.

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